What I “Love” About Social Media Sites

Despite my lack of interaction on Facebook and overall dislike of Facebook, the one aspect of Facebook that I find very helpful is the birthday reminders. During the very beginning of March, five of my friends had birthdays that I would have had no idea about unless I saw it on Facebook. In result, I was able to text or call them to wish them a happy birthday and I have Facebook to thank for that. Another way I found social media helpful was the inspiration to create my own high waisted shorts. On social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, there were steps and pictures of how other girls cut mom jeans into high waisted shorts for the summer. With the easy simple steps I decided to try the craft myself. I was able to buy two pairs of mom jeans at Goodwill, cut, and style them to my liking and if I must say so myself they look store bought. Social media sites allow others to share their birthdays, ideas, and crafts which is what I find most beneficial of theses sites.


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